Any Questions?

well, we got the answers.

"What does OCHO stand for?  Is it the number 8?"

OCHO is a contraction of the words "Organic" and "Chocolate." But we could list 8 things to love about us...

"Where do you make the candy?"

For over 10 years we made our candy in Oakland, CA. In 2021, we decided to move production to the Islands of Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. We wanted to make chocolate candy in an equatorial region to be closer to our ingredients and worldwide trade, thereby helping to keep more income opportunities in those origin countries.

"Are your bars containing allergens like peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and wheat made on the same equipment?"

Yes, all of our products are made on shared equipment. They also are made on equipment that handles Milk, Eggs, Tree nuts (coconut) and in the near future, wheat.

"Are your products Gluten Free?"

Even though we do not add gluten-containing ingredients currently to our products, we are going to be making some in the future, and we have chosen to no longer be gluten-free certified.