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1.5lb Mini Variety Bags!

Per special request & continued demand, we are offering our 3 most popular flavor varieties in 1.5lb bulk bags through the end of the year! on the lookout for a Holiday Variety in December!

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What's Inside Counts

Small-batch, handmade fillings are lovingly spread inside of our crisp outer chocolate shell.

All Organic. Fair Trade. And of course, all delicious.

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  • Best Coconut Bar. Like, ever.

    Organic. Fair Trade Chocolate. Coconut. If you are a Coconut Fan, you are gonna love this.

    If you are a "Meh, Coconut candy is too dry for me", this is for you, also...

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  • A Sweet Manifesto

    Organic & Fair Trade Candy should be delicious! (and we made some that very much is...)

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  • Passion for Organic & Fair Trade

    We are a team of people with a long history in making delicious Organic and Fair Trade candy!

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