Tony Chiu


What is your favorite OCHO candy bar? My favorite is the Mocha bar. Team Mocha all the way.

When you are not busy working at OCHO, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? I enjoy driving and exploring new places with my friends and practicing photography along the way. It is definitely hard to not smell like chocolate and sweetness after working busy days at OCHO, so getting outdoors definitely lets me relax. I also like to do some cooking and trying out new recipes. To work off all the food that I cook with my family and friends, I like to play basketball or throw the football around.

Movies and candy go hand-in-hand; what is your favorite movie of all time? My favorite movie of all time has to be Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery for the win.

If you could make any one of our ingredients into a super hero, which one would you choose and what would be its name and super power? It’s gotta be our Mocha or Dark Coffee nougat, known as The Aromatic Mocha Man. He would possess the power to deliver powerful coffee aromas in a smooth nougat, packed with caffeine, to wake you up and get you going in your day.

What’s your chocolate preference, milk or dark? I like milk chocolate and its velvety taste.

When you tell people you work for a candy company, what is their response?  You work for a candy company?! And you work with thousands of pounds of chocolate a day?! How do you not eat it all, and how do I get some of that delicious candy??”  I honestly believe they think I am an Oompa Loompa working for Willy Wonka.