Scott Kucirek


What is your favorite OCHO candy bar? Peanut Butter. I am the official leader of TeamPB.

When you are not busy working at OCHO, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Coaching soccer and working out at Cross Fit Oakland down the street.

Movies and candy go hand-in-hand; what is your favorite movie of all time? Apocalypse Now. As an ex-Navy Helicopter pilot, this movie speaks to me.

If you could make any one of our ingredients into a super hero, which one would you choose and what would be its name and super power? Of course I would be Captain PB, able to shoot streams of peanut butter from my wrists and stop would-be criminals in a sticky web of delicious PB.

What’s your chocolate preference, milk or dark? Milk.

When you tell people you work for a candy company, what is their response? They smile and ask for candy.