Nalong Vongtharangsy


What is your favorite OCHO candy bar? Mocha is hands down the best candy bar at OCHO.

When you are not busy working at OCHO, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? I like playing video games, reading books, learning new things to cook, exploring and taking photos with my phone and playing guitar.

Movies and candy go hand-in-hand; what is your favorite movie of all time? It’s a 3-way tie between Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Blades of Glory.

If you could make any one of our ingredients into a super hero, which one would you choose and what would be its name and super power? Our organic coffee. By day it’s just your plain ol’ run-of-the-mill organic coffee, but as twilight falls and night embraces the world, it becomes MOCHA MAN! He has the ability to super caffeinate and decaffeinate others, effectively making people into super humans or placing them into a pleasant comatose state.  His signature weapons would be a tea cup and saucer, which he’d use to disarm and incapacitate friends and foes alike.

What’s your chocolate preference, milk or dark? Nothing beats the sharp, slow flavor of dark chocolate as it melts blissfully in your mouth.  Long days, short days, slow days, chaotic and apocalyptic days – dark chocolate just brings the zen to OCHO.

When you tell people you work for a candy company, what is their response? First they ask if I know Willy Wonka, and then they request some awesome candy.