Matt Heckert


What is your favorite OCHO candy bar? Coconut.

When you are not busy working at OCHO, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Listening to or playing music, photography, fixing things, hanging with my family.

Movies and candy go hand-in-hand; what is your favorite movie of all time? Once Upon A Time in the West, actually any Sergio Leone film.

If you could make any one of our ingredients into a super hero, which one would you choose and what would be its name and super power? I would choose Coconut, and her name would be Conga Coconuts. She would use coconuts on which to play music, and no one would be able to escape the rhythm; everyone would have to dance. Then the coconut bolas would fly at the bad dancers and wrap them up.

What’s your chocolate preference, milk or dark? Dark.

When you tell people you work for a candy company, what is their response? “Lucky you.”