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We are proud to announce our newest addition to the OCHO product family – our very own PB&J bar! Let’s face it, it’s nice to dress up once in a while, and peanut butter looks mighty scrumptious with a ruby layer on top. Our batch peanut butter is paired here with raspberry filling, a traditional pairing that will drive straight for your heart.

What’s even better? Neither our peanut butter nor our jelly (and certainly not our chocolate) is made with genetically modified organisms (so, they’re non-GMO) of any type, so you while our PB&J bars may transport you back to your childhood, they’re likely eons healthier than the stuff you remember eating as a kid.

Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean we compromised on taste. Just take a peek at the reviews below to see what people think about our particular take on PB&J.

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