Hunting for Good: peanut butter egg organic chocolate easter egg candy in a colorful basket

Easter Holiday Subscription

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From: $99.00 / year with 1 day period before first payment and a $1.00 holding fee


Get your favorite OCHO flavors just in time for Easter by signing up for an annual membership. We’ve also got Halloween & Christmas subscriptions available.

Choose the size you’d like and tell us about any particular preferences in the area provided.

Note that Easter subscriptions need to be placed by April 8th, 2019 if you want to get them for this year.

Assortments (as an example, product variety subject to change based on availability and customer notes):

  • Small subscriptions are 4 pouches for $20 ($9 shipping charge), with a bonus 3.5 oz. pouch (or equivalent) for you and you alone.
  • Medium subscriptions are 12 pouches (6 PB and 6 caramel egg pouches) for $50 (free shipping), with two bonus 3.5 oz. pouches (or equivalent) for you and those lucky enough to be within arms-length.
  • Large subscriptions are 24 pouches (12 pouches of each flavor) for $99 (free shipping), with four bonus 3.5 oz. pouches (or equivalent) for you to share.

A $1 hold will be placed on your card at the time of purchase. Otherwise, payments are processed when product is shipped from our warehouse. Everything is shipped protected in ice packs to make sure the product gets to your door in ship-shape. We typically ship product on Mon/Tues (depending on weather) so that your precious candy does not sit in a warm warehouse over the weekend.


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