Dark Chocolate Showdown: Which OCHO Dark Chocolate-Covered Combo is the Best?

organic peanut wrapped in vegan dark chocolate

Dark chocolate isn’t for everyone, but everyone who loves dark chocolate seems to love our small batch dark chocolate minis and bars. The problem is deciding which filling? Coconut? Peanut Butter? Caramel? Peppermint?

Let’s let our fans decide:

These bars are amazing! By far the best dark chocolate and coconut bars available!


Amazing and the best! Surely coconut has it then.

I’m always looking for amazing tasting chocolate with healthy, whole and few ingredients, looks like I finally found it! I LOVE the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Minis. I don’t think the 12 bags I ordered are going to last very long 😉

Rachel L.

Well gosh, we love you too, Rachel!

Bought the huge size of dark chocolate caramels… felt a little nutty buying sooo much, but i cant find these near me and they keep me from eating too much sugar… one or two are all you need when that sweet tooth calls❤️ Organic and incredibly delicious. Nothing else compares!

Jeanne R.

If you’re feeling “nutty,” Jeanne, we’ve got something might find even more delicious than our our dark chocolate caramels:

Amazing! If you are serious about Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate you will be delighted with this bar – it really is Amazing!


If people think all of the fillings are amazing, how can we decide which is the best? Maybe Gary here has the answer:

OCHO dark chocolates are the best and it doesn’t matter what the filling is they are all incredibly delicious

Gary M.

organic peppermint filled chocolate mini candy bar


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With a cool peppermint creme filling and tempting dark chocolate coating, these treats are absolutely refreshing. Non-GMO, gluten-free and always organic.

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