OCHO’s Organic, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Candies are a Hit!

delicious peppermint OCHO minis and hot coffee

Cool peppermint wrapped in dark chocolate makes for the refreshing pop of flavor that folks just can’t get enough of with our Peppermint Minis!

They’re organic of course. They’re also non-GMO and gluten-free! So how do we manage all of this? Imagine red and white striped fairies individually swirling organic dark chocolate, a few organic sweeteners (specifically, cane sugar, sugar and tapioca syrup), a smooth batch of organic butter and egg whites, toss in a dash of sea salt and our signature organic peppermint oil and — flash! — the magic is made. Of course, no actual fairies are harmed in the process, but we think you’ll find the magic in there tastes just as sweet.

While we love to wave our own wands, it’s only because we’re so proud of how happy our customers are with our candies too! Don’t believe us? Here you go:

This was part of a gift, and I immediately fell head over chocolate minty heels in love. CRAVING!!!!!!!

Rosalie M.

I’m always looking for amazing tasting chocolate with healthy, whole and few ingredients, looks like I finally found it! I LOVE the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Minis. I don’t think the 12 bags I ordered are going to last very long 😉

Rachel L.

These may be my favorite candy of all time. Seriously. Of. All. Time.


WOW! The peppermint OCHO mini tastes delicious, and I am not a big lover of chocolate and peppermint mixture. But the way OCHO mixes their chocolate with peppermint is SUPERB!!!


Wow! If my hair could be blown back from this it would! First-time-OCHO-eater here and I am impressed! The peppermint is extra fresh and the dark chocolate has a sharp snap when you bite into it. A perfect pairing. Hard to eat only one!

Gwen K.

You can get your hands on our delicious peppermint minis by clicking the link below, or sign up for a chocolate subscription and get a regular batch in the mail as often as you’d like!

organic peppermint filled chocolate mini candy bar


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With a cool peppermint creme filling and tempting dark chocolate coating, these treats are absolutely refreshing. Non-GMO, gluten-free and always organic.

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