We’re sorry gluten, but we swear it’s you, not us…

a variety of ocho organic candy bars being held in the air

Chocolate is naturally gluten-free, and we didn’t bother trying to improve on nature when we came up with our recipes for all of our delicious, organic chocolate bars and minis.

Whether gluten-free is of particular concern for you or not, you can taste assured that each bite of our PB&J bars, caramel minis–in fact all of our chocolates–is 100% gluten-free without a shred of sacrifice when it comes to flavor.

Don’t believe us? Hear from real people who left 100% unsolicited reviews below!

These are just great!! They are not sweet and the minis are the perfect size for a quick bite. Love them–and they are gluten free!! Thank you. My husband loves them too.

Marcy on Peppermint

This was by far one of the best candy bars I have ever tasted. It was so good the word “candy bar” doesn’t do it justice. The chocolate was fresh and had the best flavor I have ever had. Needless to say …. my healthy vending machines will be carrying Organic OCHO candy for those wishing to have organic and gluten free snacks! I highly recommend OCHO!!!

Nancy on PB&J

Excited about the Christmas Trees. My daughter has Celiac disease. It is so hard to find her fun holiday candy for her stocking that is gluten free. She will absolutely love these. Thank you OCHO!

Tracy on our Christmas candies

I am absolutely hooked on the coconut bars. I recently began a gluten-free diet, and this is one of the few truly delicious things I like to eat as a treat. Because the bars are of such high quality, I feel very satisfied after eating one, and my chocolate craving is gone! Thanks!

Laura on

A delicious candy alternative for anyone particularly those with food sensitivities. These bars are gluten and dairy free without a lot a sugar. Perfect 3:00 snack!