Love at First Bite

OCHO organic PB&J chocolate bars

Remember sitting around the table, dirt on your knees and a wide eyed smile as mom tenderly prepared nothing but the finest peanut butter and jelly sandwich to give you that much needed sustenance between climbing trees, turning over rocks and dodging little Billy next door’s cooties?

Nostalgia is all good and well, but sometimes we think that keeping the memories coming is best done no matter what your age! That’s why we went and made the best even better. Imagine small batch peanut butter coupled up with mouthwatering raspberry filling, engulfed in chocolate, and every bit of it organic, always non-GMO and gluten-free. Sorry mom, we’ll always need you for emotional support, to be our best friend and stuff like that…it’s just the PB&J is covered now.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about our OCHO PB&J chocolate bars

I’m always skeptical about PB&J flavored things or options, after experiencing HUGE disappointment from a PB&J sandwich at a gourmet sub shop. However, I had more faith in this brand and gave it a try, and I loved it! I watch my portions so I had cut off a small piece with my huge butcher knife, but I ended up eating the entire bar in one sitting.

Joyce P.

WOW!!! So amazing. Love this.


I’ll take an OCHO PB&J enrobed in chocolate over one in bread anyday! The aroma of raspberry escaped as soon as I opened the wrapper, and then it was complete love at first bite.


I am absolutely obsessed. I bought this as an impulse buy at Albertsons initially. When I got home and tasted it, I fell in love. I appreciate the organic aspect and the fact this candy bar isn’t riddled with things I can’t even pronounce! The taste is amazing. I now buy these in bulk quantities and make special trips to Albertsons just for this! I eat one almost every night. Highly recommend!

Morgan F.

Don’t live near an Albertsons? Never even heard of one? Don’t worry, in addition to being available in a store near you, you can buy our delicious PB&J bars right here, online!

Organic OCHO peanut butter and jelly bar


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These always organic treats feature our smoothest peanut butter topped with a delicious layer of raspberry and then covered in our scrumptious milk chocolate. Small batch made, non-GMO and quickly becoming a crowd favorite!

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