You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression Take Your First Bite of OCHO

Your first kiss. Your first time riding a bike. Your first love. Waiting for the bus on the first day of first grade. The first man on the moon…there are so many firsts in our lives and, more often than not, they’re the best memories we make.

Here at OCHO, we make candy. Delicious, always-organic, GMO-free and non-gluten candy that’s also fair trade and–you guessed it–many people’s first time trying organic chocolate. We take classic combinations and make them even better, using small batch chocolate and peanut butter, organic sugars and simple ingredients.

We don’t make every type of chocolate candy under the sun, but we make the best. From crowd favorites like our dark chocolate-coated coconut to our take on the classic caramel, peanut and nougat, many of our fans have been so from their very first bite.

I tried your candy for the first time when I visited your booth at the 2019 Oakland Running Festival on March 24th. The next day I went to Target and bought a bag of the coconut which is my favorite along with the peppermint. It’s nice to eat tasty, organic candy.


Of course, there’s no need to make a Target run to get your hands on OCHO. We sell them right here via our online store, or you can sign up for a subscription and we’ll make sure they show up right at your door, right on time!

I’ll take an OCHO PB&J enrobed in chocolate over one in bread any day! The aroma of raspberry escaped as soon as I opened the wrapper, and then it was complete love at first bite.


…I just had my first experience with this brand – with the PB&J bar specifically – and all I can say is “where can I buy a whole truckload of these? To die for goodness!!!!


Trucks come in a variety of sizes of course, but we challenge you to try and fill a truck up with our PB&J bars! Remember, pics or it didn’t happen. 😉

Even better than peanut butter cups!! I’m in the middle of eating my first-ever OCHO Bar. The Peanut Butter variety. WOW. Good thing I am typing and not speaking because I refuse to stop savoring this delicious treat. OCHO essentially fixed my gripes with the traditional peanut butter cups which are overly-sweet and don’t really taste like peanut butter. Don’t get me wrong, I adore peanut butter cups and it’s hard to improve upon a classic. However, OCHO has taken them to the next level and I’m really enjoying it. Bye bye, I must go eat more 🙂


Her first time and she’s already at the next level over our Peanut Butter bars and minis.

…I had no expectations, but seriously the first bite was amazing. I would choose this over any candy bar because it tastes so much better than any that I’ve ever had. I love this and I’m ordering more now.


I tried this for the first time recently, and loved it. I’m a chocolate and peanut butter fiend, and this really hit the spot.


In a world of firsts, sometimes it can be difficult to make time for them all. Learn to surf or ride your first rollercoaster? Try the chocolate gelato or the vanilla first? Be the first person to win 7 Superbowl rings or throw your first no-hitter? See what we mean?

With so many opportunities to try your next big first, we’ll leave you with a short and oh so sweet one…

Tried one today for the first time. Yum.