Falling in Love All Over Again

organic caramel and chocolate treats from OCHO Candy

We know that OCHO Candy is super delicious, made from scratch in small batches from organic ingredients, and are just really fun to eat.

But to fall in love? Well that’s quite the commitment! You can’t help who (or what) you fall in love with, though, so when the feeling comes along, you just kind of have to go with it, right? The good news is that while you can’t always choose when it comes to love, our organic chocolate-covered caramel treats will always love you back and are made of the good stuff that makes this relationship not only reciprocal, but full of great ingredients, too.

They’re also available wrapped in dark chocolate, and did we mention both our milk and dark chocolate are fair trade?

Let’s turn to some of our most smitten customers to see what they think about OCHO Caramel Minis.

OHHHH MY GOODNESS. I LOVED the caramel peanut bars, and I figured – all caramel??? What more could I want?


I don’t even like caramel, but I LOVE these sweet (yet not too sweet) bites. The chocolate to caramel ratio is incredible.


Wonderful!! Can’t say enough about your products. They are gluten free and not too sweet. I just love them!!


Absolutely LOVE OCHO Candy!! I tell everyone about your candy and company and hand them out whenever I have them. Everyone I have given them to absolutely loves them too. My parents ask for them every day!! My favorite treat!


As I was pursuing my local health food store, I came across your OCHO caramel mini’s. I LOVE caramel and chocolate, I mean ‘stranded on a desert island I would stay if that is all they had’, kinda gal.


Luckily, you don’t have to go all Swiss Family Robinson just to get your hands on these chocolate and caramel treats, they’re available right here on our online chocolate store, or find them in a store near you.

caramel mini chocolate candy bar


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Creamy caramel, milk chocolate, all made from scratch and not only organic, but gluten-free, non-GMO and deliciously poppable!

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