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dark chocolate caramel OCHO organic mini chocolates go great with a glass of whiskey

As we age, our palettes grow more sophisticated. Long gone are the days glaring at the candy aisles as our parents check out of the gas station, long gone is our desire for something delicious, devilish even. No, as adults we are well aware that these are now the days of kale and rice cakes.

Of course, nobody believes that! Least of all the team here at OCHO! We love everything chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, even PB&J! That’s why we strive to make nothing but the best organic, gluten-free, non-GMO candy bars and minis on the market. That said, if you’re feeling a bit sophisticated we have something for you, too–OCHO organic dark chocolate caramel minis!

Not sure if this is grown up (or not) enough for you? Listen to what some our dark chocolate and caramel fans have to say.

Bought the huge size of dark chocolate caramels… felt a little nutty buying sooo much, but i cant find these near me and they keep me from eating too much sugar… one or two are all you need when that sweet tooth calls❤️ Organic and incredibly delicious. Nothing else compares!

Jeanne R.

These are absolutely delicious! I wish I could find them at every supermarket. I go through the pack so quickly!
The caramel tastes so good! Sometimes I pop them in the freezer for a hard-caramel chewy taste and they’re incredible. (good for summer too). I hope they stock them everywhere!

Chloe K.

It is so nice to find a caramel that isn’t sweet, just flavorful and sooooo good!!! Love dark chocolate and these are just great. I hide them from my husband..

Marcy M.

Chloe and Marcy are on to something, but luckily you can get these dark chocolate and caramel delights anytime, right here on our website.

Or grab a subscription of them and never run out again!

dark caramel organic chocolate candy bar

Dark Caramel

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Luscious, organic dark chocolate wrapped around our creamy, slightly salted caramel. Non-GMO, gluten-free and always organic.

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