OMG, Totes the Vegan Best!

someone holding four ocho coconut bars, autumn leaves in the background

Vegan hot dogs, veggie burgers, non-vegan carrots…sometimes it feels like the world has turned upside down and you just don’t know what you’re getting from the wide world of food. Here at OCHO, we love offering our coconut and dark chocolate peanut butter varieties as “vegan” because, well, they naturally are!

That’s right, chocolate is vegan by nature and our dark chocolate is no different.

It’s one thing to simply be vegan, and another thing to be absolutely delicious and vegan. But don’t take our word for it, check out what some real life customers are saying about our vegan offerings:

OMG! The peanut butter was the BEST!!! AND I agree with the vegan idea. I am totes trying to be vegan, but it is soooo hard. I rate you a 100 out of 10!!!!

Caitlyn S.

That’s quite the score, Caitlyn, thank you!

Glanced over while in the check out lane one day. It caught my eye, picked one up, certified vegan. Picked up the entire box. Glad they tasted amazing lol. Eyes peeled for them every day now šŸ˜

Nick P.

That’s a great look for you, Nick!

Very good. Love that they are vegan, organic and taste great; especially for Halloween trick or treating. I have tried other organic competitors and yours is on the top of my list.

Roxanne B.

Speaking of Halloween chocolate

I saw this bar by chance at checkout at my local grocery store. As a vegan I immediately saw the V label so I wanted to support and actually taste vegan candy bar. I am so happy I did! The chocolate is amazing (and Iā€™m not a dark chocolate fan) and the coconut is not too sweet like the competitors. It just tastes so fresh and exactly how you would want a chocolate coconut bar to taste, vegan or not. I have since bought these for my family members and they love it as well! We cleared out the box at the checkout aisle!


vegan+dark chocolate+sweet coconut=perfection


Perfect math, too!

coconut chocolate candy bar


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Fresh, organic coconut flakes, cane sugar and vanilla extract meets our rich organic dark chocolate. These vegan treats are our most popular flavor!

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