Best Organic Candy Bars on Earth

organic, dark chocolate peanut butter bars from OCHO

There’s quite a bit of talk about space these days. Private companies are putting electric sports cars into space, China’s explored the dark side of the moon with a rover, Amazon and others are planning on saturating Earth with WiFi via a constellation of satellites and we seem ever-closer to seeing a future where our own grandchildren may come home from vacation complaining about the traffic on Mars. With all of this extraterrestrial talk, perhaps it’s time we remember the one body in the solar system that has given us so much already — namely, peanut butter!

That’s right! Where would civilization be today without this delicious treat? Nothing says thank you to our own spinning blue planet quite like taking one of her best inventions and then adding in delicious, organic dark chocolate! Yes, we’re talking about OCHO Dark Peanut Butter bars, of course. The dark chocolate alone is out of this world, and when you combine it with its sensible, down-to-earth and small batch made peanut butter filling, well, don’t let us speak for ourselves, just listen to Cherie tell the tale:

OCHO peanut butter and chocolate is the best candy on earth. In fact, the word candy doesn’t do it justice. Eating one is special. I go in a room by myself, open the wrapper and just sit with my eyes closed savoring every bite. Thank you for this marvelous invention!


What could make them even more wonderfully worldly? Well, since we’ve taken our classic combo and made it using dairy free ingredients to craft our dark chocolate exterior, it’s also vegan!

And while taking a trip to space and back could be considered “going above and beyond,” you don’t have to reach orbit to experience such heights.

OCHO Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bars are the bomb! They are sooo much better than the ubiquitous chocolate peanut butter cup candy we all know. All of the candy I have had from OCHO (coconut, dark caramel, milk caramel) tastes fantastic and the fact that it is organic elevates its appeal. I also have to note that the customer service department went above & beyond with regard to an order issue I experienced. Thank you for making great tasting, high quality chocolate treats!!

Heather S.

AMAZING. My favorite vegan candy bar.


Amazing taste and quality! Can’t believe its vegan! 🙂


It took Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong three days to get to the moon, and while patience is a virtue, sometimes the best things in life are short and sweet.


April C.

Best organic candy bars on earth.

Jerome J.

Whether we live to see another man on the Moon, a mission to Mars or megabytes of memes instantly broadcast across our own planet, at least we know that the always non-GMO, organic, vegan and gluten-free happiness that OCHO Dark Peanut Butter brings to Earth is here to stay! Or in other words, “Yummers!”

dark peanut butter organic chocolate candy bar

Dark Peanut Butter

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Organic, dairy free and made in small batches, these bold dark chocolate and peanut butter treats are completely vegan!

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