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The whole family got addicted! None of us thought organic candy could taste so good!!!

These are SO yummy! The only candy bar made with real ingredients that tastes so great!

girlvenga on Caramel & Peanut

I am absolutely obsessed. I bought this as an impulse buy at Albertsons initially. When I got home and tasted it, I fell in love. I appreciate the organic aspect and the fact this candy bar isn’t riddled with things I can’t even pronounce! The taste is amazing. I now buy these in bulk quantities and make special trips to Albertsons just for this! I eat one almost every night. Highly recommend!

Morgan Fitzsimmons on PB&J

The “O’s” in OCHO is what you’ll be saying when you taste the candy! Ohhhhhh so good! I bought the Halloween mixed mini’s and I can’t stop eating them. The chocolate coconut is to die for; I previously was a Mounds fan before going vegan. The OCHO is 100% better.

Marla Uzanas on Peanut Butter

I enjoyed the dark chocolate with sea salt. They are very good.

Roxanne Brummel on Dark Caramel

Very good. Love that they are vegan, organic and taste great; especially for Halloween trick or treating. I have tried other organic competitors and yours is on the top of my list.

Roxanne Brummel on Coconut

These are very creamy and fresh tasting. They taste better than the competitors. Organic, fair trade chocolate and taste great.

Roxanne B. on Caramel & Peanut

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