Looking for a Vegan Chocolate Candy Bar?

Here at OCHO, we respect everyone’s right to make their own dietary choices, and at the same time we believe everyone deserves a delicious bite of exquisite chocolate now and then. That’s why our dark chocolate coconut bars, dark chocolate coconut minis and dark chocolate peanut butter bars are Certified Vegan. Now everyone can enjoy a great tasting candy treat made free of animal byproducts.

In fact, that’s why we set out to make the best candy bars you’ll ever taste. Don’t believe us? Just check out the reviews for our coconut minis and bars!

How Can Chocolate Be Vegan?

The key ingredient in chocolate is the cocoa bean, a seed from a tropical tree by the name of cacao. Unlike the milk chocolate most of us grew up with as kids, dark chocolate is made primarily from cocoa solids and cocoa butter. At this time only our coconut (minis and bars) and dark peanut butter (bars) products are vegan. You can check the certifications of any of our products by looking for these symbols on any of our product pages:

Dark chocolate is sometimes described as an acquired taste, and the quality and flavor of one to the next can vary dramatically, but just as wine and coffee have a traditional history of attracting connoisseurs who savor the various experiences, so has dark chocolate seen a renaissance in grocery store aisles and candy stores across the world lately.

Please note that manufacturers often run dark chocolate on equipment shared with milk chocolate, so please be advised that our dark chocolate products may or may not contain trace amounts of milk.

What Are the Benefits of OCHO’s Vegan Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate, in general, contains flavonoids[1], a phenolic antioxidant which scientists say can remove potentially damaging oxidation and free radicals from living organisms[2][3], aka your body. It can help with cardiovascular function, lower your risk of stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, and several other age-related degenerative disorders[4].

Not to mention dark chocolate simply tastes great, and our vegan chocolate varieties mean no animal by-products were used to make these delicious candies.

There are chocolate bars out there which are “accidentally vegan,” but we think–and our certification by the Vegan Action/Vegan Awareness Foundation proves it–that purposefully making our chocolate vegan ensures that not only are our chocolates free of animal by-products, and have not been tested on animals, but that their won’t be any surprises down the road.

Whatever reason you’re choosing our vegan dark chocolate bars and minis, you can be sure that we put as much thought into the products that go into our dark chocolate coconut and dark chocolate peanut butter bars as you do into what goes into your body.