What does OCHO stand for?

Organic CHOcolate.

Where can I find OCHO candy bars for purchase?

To find a store that sells OCHO Candy products near you, click here.
Our products are also available in our online store.

Are your products gluten free?

Gluten Free Food Program USA certifies all of our products as gluten-free. The GFFP USA certification stamp is displayed on all of our packaging.

How many of your products are organic?

100% of our products are organic. They’re also fair trade, gluten-free and, as all certified organic products, non-GMO.

Do your products contain genetically modified organisms?

By virtue of being organic, all of our products are GMO-free.

Are any of your products vegan or vegetarian?

Vegan Action certifies our Coconut bar and mini and our Dark Chocolate PB bar vegan. The Vegan Action certification stamp is displayed on these items’ packaging. Please note these products are manufactured on shared equipment in a factory that also processes milk and eggs.

Do you use fair trade chocolate?

All of the chocolate used to make OCHO Candy products is certified organic and fair trade and complies with Fair Trade criteria. This includes sustainability, use of water resources, non-GMO, no use of pesticides, organic certification, and labor practices that promote human dignity. Our chocolate suppliers continuously monitor their cocoa growers to verify that all requirements are satisfied.

We officially partner with Fair Trade USA to ensure all of our cocoa was produced according to rigorous fair trade standards that promote sustainable livelihoods and safe working conditions, protection of the environment, and strong, transparent supply chains. Learn more about our certification at https://www.fairtradecertified.org/

Why don’t you use an alternative to sugar?

While thus far organic cane sugar products have delivered the best taste and texture, we are still open to further experimentation/R&D with sugar substitutes (stevia/erythritol/brown rice syrup/maple syrup/agave) in the future.

Are your bars containing peanuts made on the same equipment as bars that do not contain peanuts?

Yes, all of our products are made on shared equipment.

Are your products kosher?

Currently, our products are not certified kosher.

Do your products contain caffeine?

See the following approximation for the level of caffeine in our OCHO bar and mini products.

Milk Chocolate Bars (18.55 g choc per): 6.28 mg caffeine/bar
Milk Chocolate Minis (6.56 g choc per): 2.22 mg caffeine/mini
Dark Chocolate Bars (19 g choc per): 13.77 mg caffeine/bar
Dark Chocolate Minis (7 g choc per): 5.07 mg caffeine/mini

By comparison, one ounce of espresso contains approximately 47-64 mg of caffeine.

Why do some of your candy bars contain soy lecithin?

Soy lecithin is an emulsifier that prevents the cocoa and cocoa butter from separating. Some people with soy allergies do not have a reaction to soy lecithin because this ingredient contains little to no soy protein.

What is the cocoa content of our products?

Our milk products have a minimum of 34% cacao and our dark products have a minimum of 60% cacao.

Do your products contain vanillin?

No, we only use pure organic vanilla extract and do not utilize any synthetic ingredients.

Is there any alcohol in your product?

“Cocoa liquor” is the industry term for liquefied cocoa fats and solids. There is no alcohol in cocoa liquor.

Pure vanilla extract contains a minimum of 35% alcohol, by FDA standards. The vanilla content of our products is less than 0.1%.

Why is there now dairy in your Peppermint mini?

Our original peppermint center did not use dairy ingredients. Unfortunately when we automated our production process, we had to change our formula (Dec 2015) to include butter so that this product could be manufactured on our new equipment. We are looking to develop a peppermint recipe that does not rely on dairy ingredients and which can be certified vegan.

Are monkeys used in the harvesting of the coconut in the OCHO Coconut bar?

Our suppliers do not use animals in the harvesting of coconut fruit.

I purchased product that had already expired; what should I do?

All of our products containing peanuts have a shelf life of 9 months, and products that do not contain peanuts have a shelf life of 12 months. If you purchased a bar with an expired best by date, the taste and quality may be compromised.

Retailers are responsible for managing the products on their shelves, and we encourage consumers to notify the retailer if expired bars are on the shelf so they may take steps to ensure any expired product is removed. If you contact us, we will gladly send you a product coupon.

The outside of my OCHO candy bar is discolored; is it harmful to consume?

This “whitish” coating is referred to as “bloom”, and it is perfectly safe to consume. Bloom, which is quite common, is caused when products are subjected to changes in temperature.

We maintain a temperature-controlled environment for our finished products and use refrigerated trucks to deliver product to our national network of distributors, but unfortunately we do not have control over how our products are handled once they leave our facility.

If you have purchased product that has deteriorated, please notify us so we may work with our distributor and retail partners to reduce these occurrences. We will appreciate the feedback and will be delighted to send you a product coupon.

Why is the center of my OCHO candy bar dry?

Temperature variability causes the fat components in our filling to separate. This separation creates texture discrepancies that are not an accurate representation of how the products were originally manufactured. Our products are made with a clean ingredient deck; we do not use any artificial preservatives or hydrogenated oils, making our products more susceptible to this condition.

Although safe to consume, it is not the taste experience we want our customers to have. If you purchase a dry OCHO candy bar, please contact us with the retail location you purchased the bar, the lot code and best by date stamped on the wrapper, and we’ll send you a product coupon.

Can I take a tour?

At this time we do not offer public tours of our factory.

Will my chocolate melt when it get shipped?

All of our shipments are sent insulated with frozen gel packs to ensure the product gets to your door in ship-shape. We typically ship Mondays through Thursdays so that your candy doesn’t sit in a warm warehouse over the weekend.