Sweet Beginnings

Why can’t anybody make great tasting organic candy bars? That was the question weighing on Denis Ring’s mind. Being a natural food expert, he was certain it was just a matter of time before a delicious, organic all-American candy bar would hit stores. However, years passed and nothing happened. This is when Denis took matters into his own hands. He started working with different concepts to create something tasty.

Denis wanted some honest feedback, so he brought these early samples to his friend and entrepreneur, Scott Kucirek. Scott was skeptical at first but became a believer after just one bite. Denis invited Scott to join him in building a truly innovative organic candy company. OCHO Candy was formed. In late 2011, after a few months of tweaking formulas, OCHO bars had a winning recipe. Now the team was ready to sell its bars.

The bars sold fast and OCHO Candy grew so quickly that it couldn’t keep up with demand. It was time to build a factory. The team couldn’t resist the lure of West Oakland. Like OCHO Candy, it was up-and-coming and ready to shine. The company continues to call Oakland home. And it’s where OCHO keeps looking for new ways to make candy more delicious and surprising.


OCHO team

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We are a group of lean-thinking, hard-working, fun-loving candy fanatics. We love challenges and working through problems in our ever-evolving landscape. We value can-do professionals who want to join our mission to make the best tasting candy bars on earth!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does OCHO stand for?

Organic CHOcolate.

Where can I find OCHO candy bars for purchase?

To find a store that sells OCHO Candy products near you, click here.
Our products are also available in our online store.

Are your products gluten free?

The National Celiac Association certifies all of our products as gluten-free. The NCA certification stamp is displayed on all of our packaging.

Do your products contain genetically modified organisms?

By virtue of being organic, all of our products are GMO-free.

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